History of the Christian Management Association (CMA)

Christian Management Association began in early 1977 as a special interest group meeting of several administrators serving in local San Francisco Bay Area churches and religious organizations. The group soon adopted the name Administrative Officers of Christian Organizations and began to hold regular luncheon meetings on topics of interest to ministry executives in such areas as:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Risk management
  • Employment law and tax
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Management
  • Business operations

These luncheon meetings continued until the Spring of 1980, when the group formally joined with the Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) to became the first chapter of that organization located outside the Los Angeles Area. Over the next three decades CLA grew to become a nationwide association that today serves more than 6,000 members working in more than 2,500 organizations worldwide.

In the Fall of 2010 the Bay Area Chapter formally incorporated under the name Christian Management Association (CMA) in an effort to better serve the needs of churches and ministries located throughout Northern California and Nevada. CMA seeks to build the body of Christ by building people – enhancing the effectiveness of Christian organizations and churches. We recognize that organizational effectiveness begins with individuals, and that the role of the leader as a faithful steward belongs to all who are called to serve through governance, leadership, management or resource development. For executives of churches and organizations, CMA is the one place to go to learn what is needed to effectively run and maintain your ministry. We provide seminars, resources and experiences relevant to your Christian context and organizational priorities. With this help, CMA members can focus more of their attention on their mission, impacting the world for Jesus Christ.