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Employee Handbooks – When was the last time you updated yours?

When was the last time your organization updated their employee handbook? If the answer is more than 12 months ago, it’s probably already time to update it, especially if you live in a state such as California or New York where you can generally count on a number of significant changes in the regulations each year.*

An outdated handbook, for any size organization can create misunderstandings for employees and management alike about your policies and their enforcement. No matter what is included in your handbook, whether it be organization expectations or applicable laws and regulations, it should always be clear and enforceable.

Taking the time to review your employee handbook at the beginning of each year can help ensure it stays current and that employees will be able to continue to understand what is expected of them.

Need a few ideas on how to get started? Check out these great resources.

Employee Handbooks,

California Chamber of Commerce,–products__-__2015__-__hr_handbook__-__brd&kw=2015_calbizcentral_hr_handbook&cr5=6184236929&cr7=c

Employee Handbook Table of Contents,

10 Steps for Developing an Employee Handbook, >

*California Legislature: Early Bills on Labor and Employment Issues; Christian Management Association, May 2015 Newsletter.

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