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Contribution Receipting Requirements

Each year around this time churches and ministries spend a considerable amount of time producing annual contribution statements for their donors, as a way of thanking their supporters for their donations, and as an encouragement to them to continue with their gifts. But it is also important to remember that for most donors, they are also looking for that donation receipt so that they can then legally claim the contribution on their annual tax return.

Technically, nonprofits are not required to issue receipts for regular contributions. But practically speaking, the donor needs to have a receipt for most donations before they can legally claim the contribution as a deduction on their personal tax return. Consequently, if the donor does not receive an accurate and timely receipt from your ministry it could have serious consequences, including the loss of future contributions from donors.

For more information on this issue and to understand what the minimum receipting and documentation requirements are, contact the CMA office.

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